A track premises licence is required at a track or sports ground to allow bookmakers to trade on the premises. 

A track includes any premises where a race or other sporting event takes place. These include: 

  • horse racecourse 
  • greyhound track 
  • point to point horserace meeting 
  • football, cricket and rugby grounds 
  • athletics stadium 
  • golf course 
  • venues hosting darts, bowls or snooker tournaments 
  • premises staging boxing matches 
  • sections of river hosting a fishing competition 
  • motor racing events 

A track premises licence permits the premises to be used for track betting but does not permit use of casino or bingo as these require a separate gambling premises licences.  

Depending on the length or frequency of the licence requirements, an occasional use gambling notice may be needed. 

Occasional use notice

Occasional use notices only have effect for 8 days or fewer per calendar year for any track premises.

If it is intended to offer betting facilities more often than this, a premises licence must be obtained under Part 8 of the Gambling Act 2005.  

There is currently no fee or charge with the submitting of an occasional use notice. 


To apply for a track premises licence, contact us by email to: licensing@southglos.gov.uk or call: 01454 868001


For fees, use our fees and charges information.     

Further information  

Visit the Gambling Commission website for more information about the type of gambling licence you need.    

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