Clubs that want to have gaming machines or higher-value gaming in their premises for their members can apply for a permit.

There are two types and these are:

  • club machine permits – allow clubs to provide up to three gaming machines for use by members only
  • club gaming permits  allow up to three gaming machines to be operated and also allow the club to offer prize gaming for club members without limits on the stakes and prizes

Permits can be granted for fixed premises only.

Types of gaming machine

Gaming machines are categorised by how much they cost to use and the maximum prize available.

Any club, including commercial clubs, with these permits may make up to three machines from categories B4, C and D available for use.

Non-commercial members clubs may instead choose to offer one machine from category B3A and two other machines from the categories above.

The Gambling Commission provides further information on the categories of gaming machine.

Clubs may provide certain types of gaming without the need for a premises licence or operating licence. These are listed on the Gambling Commission’s exempt gaming.


Any club applying for a permit must:

  • have at least 25 permanent individual members
  • not be established only to operate for a limited period
  • not be established just to provide gambling facilities (with the exception of bridge and whist clubs)

How to apply

To apply for a track premises licence, contact us by email to: or call: 01454 868001

Both club gaming and gaming machine permits are valid for 10 years.


For fees, use our fees and charges information.     

Statement of principles 

The Statement of Principles was agreed on 16 February 2022. This commenced on 10 March 2022. 

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