Anyone who withholds payment of council tax will have recovery action taken against them. In extreme cases this could even lead to a prison sentence.

Find further information about the legal status of council tax.

If you are struggling to pay call us on 01454 868003 or visit one of our One Stop Shops as soon as possible, as there is help available. If you fall behind with your payments you may build up further charges.

The process we follow

Below you can find out what happens if you do not pay your council tax.

  1. reminders
  2. final notice
  3. court proceedings
  4. debt recovery

Reminders and final notice

If you fall behind with your payments, we will send you a reminder notice. If you do not pay within 7 days and fail to contact us, you will no longer be able to pay by instalments.

If you make the payment by the date requested, but miss another payment in the same financial year we will send you another reminder notice.

We will send you a maximum of 2 reminder notices.

If you miss a third council tax payment and do not contact us, we will send you a final notice and you must pay the whole year’s council tax instead.

Summons and court hearing

If you do not pay your council tax after the reminders and final notice, and you have not contacted us, we may send you a court summons.

If you get a court summons you will be charged additional costs which will be added to your unpaid bill. 

If you receive a summons for non-payment of council tax and have a query about your bill or the summons, call us on 01454 868003 or visit one of our One Stop Shops before the date of the hearing so we can advise you further.  

Debt recovery

Visit GOV.UK to find out what councils do to recover council tax arrears.

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