The annual council tax charge is normally payable over 10 monthly instalments, due on the 1st of each month from April to January.

You can pay in many ways, including by direct debit or via our secure online payment platform.

For all payments, you will need to quote your billing number which starts with a ‘4’ and can be found on your bill.

Direct debit

From April 2024 the dates for direct debit payments will change from the 12th and 20th of the month to the 4th and 25th of the month. Details of your date will be on your annual bill or you can check online.

Paying by direct debit offers you more flexibility as you can set up your payment to be made on the 4th or 25th of each month.

If you have received your council tax bill, you can set up your direct debit online.

Alternatively you can:

Once a direct debit has been set up, a revised bill will be sent to you.

Secure online payment

To pay your council tax through our secure online payment platform you will need to provide your details and billing number (9 digit number which starts with a ‘4’).

Error whilst making a payment

If you think that you have made an error whilst making a payment via the online payment system, call us on 01454 868003 or visit one of our One Stop Shops.

We can check your council tax account to confirm the amount that has been received.

If you have overpaid we can arrange for this to be refunded. Please allow 24 hours before contacting us to give time for the payment to show on your council tax account.


You can make payments 24 hours a day using our automated freephone service on 0345 245 0682.

Bank transfer

You can do this by going into your bank in person, or via internet banking. It will normally take up to four working days to reach our bank account. You should allow for this to avoid falling into arrears.

Our bank details are:

Sort code: 55-61-38
Account number: 80105629

Post a cheque

You can pay your council tax bill by sending a cheque made payable to South Gloucestershire Council.

Make sure you include your billing number.

Post your cheque to:

South Gloucestershire Council
Department for Resources and Business Change
Revenue Services
PO Box 1953
BS37 0DE

Other ways to pay

You can also pay your council tax:

Make sure you have your council tax bill to hand.

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