You need to tell us if you want to move large or heavy loads along roads and across bridges (except for motorways) within South Gloucestershire. 

Abnormal load regulations 

An abnormal load is a vehicle that has any of the following: 

  • carrying more than 44 tonnes  
  • an axle load of more than 11.5 tonnes  
  • more than 3 metres wide  
  • more than 18.75 metres long 

Notice period 

We need a minimum of 2 working days notice of movement. 

The notice period increases as the vehicle size and weight increases. 

How to notify us 

Contact us by email at with the following information about your abnormal load. 

You must include: 

  • the proposed route including the start and end locations  
  • dates of journey 
  • vehicle configuration including loads, width, weight, length, height, axle loading and spacing
  • vehicle registration 
  • your contact details 

Notifying other authorities 

Depending on the gross weight and dimensions of the load you may also need to give advance warning to: 

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