We carry out gritting from late October until the end of March. We can extend these times depending on weather conditions. 

Where we grit 


You can find our gritting routes using the One.Network website by following these steps: 

1. Check the UK is highlighted at the top of the map. 

2. Choose a location in the search bar or if you choose the black compass circle it will show your current location on the map.  

3. Next choose the drop-down menu options (the 3 horizontal lines) 

4. Select data layers, driver information and then winter gritting routes. 

Roads to be gritted will be highlighted purple. 

Footpaths and cycle paths 

We will grit footpaths and cycle paths only in extreme conditions.

We have a document showing the cycle paths we grit

Where we do not grit 

We are not responsible for motorway and trunk roads (an important main road used for long-distance travel). These are looked after by National Highways (formerly Highways England).

This includes the M4, M5, M32 and the A46 south of the M4. 

Grit bins 

We have 791 grit bins across the district.  

You can use the salt in the bins to salt public roads and pavements as needed. 

The salt must not be used for treating private property. 

 You can find a grit bin on our online map.

Gritting updates

You can keep up to date on winter weather and gritting by:

  • liking our Streetcare Facebook page
  • following us on Twitter @sgloscouncil or searching #SouthGlosGritting. #GritterTwitter is also used but this can include posts from other councils.

 More information

You can find more information about our gritting service on our frequently asked questions.

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