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We look after thousands of trees that are growing in our parks, open spaces, woodlands and on our road verges.

We are not responsible for privately owned trees.

When we cut or prune trees

We cut or prune trees when they are:

  • damaged
  • dead
  • leaning
  • damaging private property
  • vandalised

We also cut or prune trees if there is an emergency.

When we do not cut or prune trees

We only carry out work on our trees if a tree is dead, dying, diseased or dangerous or if required by law.

We do not cut or prune trees when they are:

  • affecting light to a property
  • overhanging private properties
  • dropping leaves, fruit or seeds
  • affecting television or satellite reception
  • growing roots into a property
  • causing bird mess
  • attracting squirrels or other rodents

Storm damaged or dangerous trees

You can report the incident to us by calling 01454 868000.

Provide as much information as you can and report the situation as urgent.

This will be passed onto the urgent attention of the tree officer.

Television reception

If you are having problems with television reception because of trees close to your house you can contact Ofcom and request a written report from their engineers.

Once you have this report you can contact us using the details on this page.

Television reception can often be fixed by repositioning your aerial or satellite dish. You can also get boosters which strengthen signals from aerials.


If you think a council owned tree is causing subsidence or damage to your house, contact your home insurers as they will offer advice and may want to progress the matter with us directly.

Trees on private land

We only give advice on trees that are on private land if:

Contact a tree surgeon for advice or maintenance of a tree on your land.

Tree maintenance

We maintain our trees throughout the year.

We follow the advice from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on protecting nesting birds so we do not prune if active nests are found.

We do not prune if active nests are found.

Tree plan

For more information on our responsibilities and regular inspection programmes, you can read our tree management plan.

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