If there is a neighbouring hedge that is too high and stopping you from enjoying your house or garden, you need to speak to your neighbour about the problem.

GOV.UK has guidance on how to speak to your neighbour about hedge problems.

If you need to report a hedge blocking a footpath you can report an obstruction on a road, footpath, or cycleway.

Make sure you keep a record of when you spoke or wrote to the hedge owner and the response you got. You will need this if you want to make a complaint.

Make a complaint

You can make a complaint to us about a high hedge if:

  • you have already made reasonable attempts to negotiate with the hedge owner
  • the hedge is over 2 metres high (not including roots)
  • the hedge is more than one tree
  • the hedge is evergreen or semi-green
  • the hedge is on a neighbouring property
  • the hedges interferes with your reasonable enjoyment of your home or garden

If a hedge interferes with reasonable enjoyment of your property, you need to show that it blocks daylight or sunlight, obstructs your view, dominates a garden or obstructs access.


There is a fee of £487.00 for us to intervene. You can get a 50% concession if you are on income related benefits.

You must pay before we will agree to take on your complaint.

Investigating your complaint

If your problem meets all the criteria above, we will investigate your complaint and decide whether or not it is justified.

We follow the government’s guidance when making decisions.

We must tell you and the hedge owner about the decision we make whether we decide to uphold your complaint or not.

Tree maintenance

We maintain our trees throughout the year.

We follow the advice from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on protecting nesting birds so we do not prune between March and October unless necessary.

We do not prune if active nests are found.

Tree plan

For more information on our responsibilities and regular inspection programmes, you can read our tree asset management plan.

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