You can make a complaint about food or a food premises where there is a potential risk to public health.  

If you have bought food that you feel is unacceptable you can: 

  • return it to the retailer directly 
  • return it to the manufacturer 
  • make a formal complaint to us  

We can support with complaints about food that: 

  • may have caused food poisoning 
  • has chemicals or toxins in it 
  • has been sold past its use by date 
  • is unfit or decomposed 
  • has foreign objects in it posing a risk to public health  

If you decide to contact us, you should store the item of food in a lidded container in the freezer so that we can investigate.  

If you found an object in your food, do not remove or handle the object. Leave it as you found it and put it in the freezer. 

Make sure you keep any receipts or packaging as we will need this evidence during the investigation.

Make a complaint 

You can make a complaint by:

We will decide whether it is in the public interest to investigate the complaint.  We may decide to advise, issue a warning or prosecute the manufacturer.  

If we decide to prosecute, you will be asked to provide a statement and may be required to attend court as a witness. If we decide not to prosecute, we will ask for your permission to give your details to the manufacturer. They may then contact you regarding your complaint. 

We are not able to negotiate compensation on your behalf.  

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