There are a many things that impact the financial security and situation of individuals and families.

What financial security is

Financial security involves having enough money to comfortably cover your monthly expenses and and save for your future.

Not having financial security can result in people facing poverty by not being able to heat their home, pay rent or buy essentials. This will then have further impacts on them, their wider families and the communities that they live in.

Financial security is not something that can be described with a single number as that simplifies the issue and can overlook many of the challenges that people face.  

Financial security dashboard

This dashboard includes a range of indicators to help give information on the scale of financial hardship in South Gloucestershire.  

What the data shows

This information is particularly useful for understanding child poverty.

Children who grow up in poverty are much more likely to become poor adults, potentially becoming the parents of the next generation of children living in poverty.

A child growing up in poverty has a greater likelihood of reduced educational attainment and employment outcomes, as well as of experiencing health problems from birth and of accumulating physical and mental health problems throughout life.

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