Domestic homicide reviews (DHR) must be carried out when someone dies because of an incident of domestic abuse. This is a legal requirement.

The Safer and Stronger Communities and Strategic Partnership (SSCSP) is responsible for these reviews in South Gloucestershire.

Purpose of the review

The purpose of a DHR is to make sure that all the organisations involved in a case are responding appropriately to abuse victims and are working to an action plan.

The SSCSP also make recommendations to improve the response to domestic abuse cases in future.

Published reviews

The SSCSP has published the following reports:


You can find evidence of the DHR4 conducted in South Gloucestershire:


You can find evidence of the DHR3 conducted in South Gloucestershire:

You can find evidence of the DHR2 conducted jointly by Bristol and South Gloucestershire:


You can find evidence of the DHR1 conducted in South Gloucestershire:

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