The Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership (DASP) is responsible for making sure that our strategy on tackling domestic abuse is delivered.

What it does

The partnership gathers direct input from survivors of domestic abuse. It makes sure that experiences both of abuse and of receiving services are considered when making improvements to the service for users.

It also:

  • supports us to carry out local needs assessments to identify the needs of domestic abuse victims in relevant accommodation
  • gives expert advice and provides data to support the development of a local strategy
  • determines the steps that are needed to meet the needs of all victims
  • monitors the delivery of our domestic violence and abuse strategy
  • monitors the implementation of recommendations from domestic homicide reviews and raises issues and concerns
  • supports us to engage with domestic abuse victims to understand the range and complexity of needs
  • supports us to make decisions about the commissioning and decommissioning of specialist services  
  • makes sure that victim support links with other services such as alcohol and drug treatment, housing, health, early years and childhood support, social services and police and crime services

DASP submits an annual report to Cabinet which supports us to report back to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.


The members of DASP are:

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You can find further information advice and guidance on our domestic abuse page. 

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