If you have reached state pension age, receive a qualifying benefit or meet the disability criteria you are entitled to free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England.  

Apply for a Diamond Travelcard

You will need a recent digital photo showing your head and shoulders.

If you do not have a photograph you can ask staff at a One Stop Shop to take a photo of you to send to us.

You should apply for a new Diamond Travelcard using the application form.

If you are applying because you are of pensionable age (or will shortly be), you can use the short application form.

Complete the form either electronically or by hand and:

You can also get an application form from one of our libraries, One Stop Shops, council offices or by calling us on 01454 868004.

Make sure your application is fully completed and your proof of address and identity are included along with any other supporting documentation required. This will prevent delays in issuing your Diamond Travelcard.

Please note we may contact you if further information or evidence is needed.

If everything is in order with your application, we aim to issue your Diamond Travelcard within 12 weeks. We ask that you do not contact us to chase up your application within this time.

Apply for a Platinum Travelcard if you are sight impaired

A Platinum Travelcard is an enhanced Diamond Travelcard.

If you are registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired and are issued with a Platinum Travelcard, you can travel free of charge at all times on local buses. Any journeys that start before 9am must begin in South Gloucestershire.

You can apply by using our short Platinum Travelcard application form.

You will need to print it out, complete it by hand and post it to the address shown on the form or scan and email to contravel@southglos.gov.uk.

When submitting your application you will need to include a copy of one of the following:

  • certificate of visual impairment or DB8 form
  • your South Gloucestershire Council sight impaired registration number
  • letter from your eye specialist confirming that you are considered sight impaired

Bus pass renewal

Your Diamond Travelcard will renew automatically if you are still a resident of South Gloucestershire and you qualified because you:

  • are of pensionable age
  • are sight impaired
  • are profoundly or severely deaf
  • are without speech or have limited speech
  • have a learning disability

We do not automatically renew Travelcards which have not been used in the previous two years, as we assume these are no longer needed. If your card is not renewed for this reason, but you do need the renewed card, you should contact us to let us know.

If you qualified for a different reason, you will be required to reapply for a Diamond Travelcard and provide supporting evidence.

You need to submit your application 14 weeks before your current card expires.

We always aim to issue a Diamond Travelcard before your existing card expires.

You need to tell us at least a month before your card expires if you have changed your address since your original card was issued. This is so we can send your renewed card to the correct address.

If you tell us about change of address less than a month before your current card expires, you will be charged £8 for a replacement as we will have already sent out the new card.

You can tell us about a change of address using the contact details below.

Update your travelcard

If your appearance has changed since the photo on your travelcard was taken, you can contact us to update it.

Unless this is updated at the point of renewal, there will be an £8 fee to replace your card.

Lost, stolen or damaged travelcard

If your travelcard is lost, stolen or damaged, we can issue a replacement. Contact us using the details on this page.

There is an £8 replacement fee unless you can give us a crime reference number.

You can pay by:

We are unable to accept cash or credit card payments.

Change of circumstances

It is important to contact us to tell us about changes to your address or personal details.

You can do this by:

If you have moved into the area, you will need to apply as a new applicant.

In the event of the death of the travelcard holder, the executor or administrator of the estate should notify us and return the card.

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