If you disagree with our decision

You can:

  • ask for a further explanation
  • ask us to look at the decision again
  • appeal to an independent tribunal

Ask for a further explanation

The time limit for appeals is one calendar month from the date of the decision letter or one calendar month from the date of the letter telling you that the decision cannot be changed.

If you appeal later than this, tell us why your appeal is late. A late appeal can only be accepted if there are exceptional circumstances.

You can ask for an explanation using the contact details on this page:

We will explain how we have made our decision and what information was used.

Ask us to look at the decision again

If you want us to look at your decision again, this is called a request for a revision. This must be done in writing and you will need to give reasons why you disagree. This must be submitted within one month of the date on the decision letter.

We will send you a letter telling you what our decision is.

Appeal to an independent tribunal

If we are unable to change our decision, you can make an appeal to an independent tribunal. You will need to make your appeal in writing telling us why you think the decision is wrong and provide any evidence which will support it.

Include the following:

  • what decision you want to appeal against
  • why you want to appeal
  • your benefit reference or National Insurance number
  • the name and address of anyone who is helping you with your appeal. A copy of the papers about the hearing will be sent to them as well

Your appeal cannot be accepted if it is made 13 months or more after the date of the decision letter.

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