Our Youth Justice Service (YJS) works with young people aged 10 to 17 to prevent youth crime and reduce re-offending in South Gloucestershire.

It also:

  • makes sure justice is dealt with quickly
  • helps young people face the consequences of their offending
  • works with young people to tackle issues that put them at risk of offending
  • makes sure that punishment is proportionate to the offence committed
  • helps parents and carers to help their children

The YJS gets involved if a young person:

  • gets into trouble with the police
  • is charged with a crime and has to go to court
  • is convicted of a crime and given a sentence

The team works with a range of services including:

  • police
  • probation officers
  • children’s services
  • schools and education authorities
  • health
  • housing
  • local community

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