At Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home, we provide placements for young people, aged 10 to 18, who are normally placed with us by the Youth Custody Service (YCS). David Ballard is the Interim Manager.

What we do

We offer a range of support, education and leisure activities so the young people we care for are given the best opportunities to develop.

Each young person has their own care plan which they help to prepare.

Our mission

To create a safe and secure environment where young people can be cared for, educated and supported to become responsible members of the community.

Where we are 

Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home is in Emersons Green.

It has been designed to be secure whilst being a comfortable living and working environment. This encourages the young people to have a sense of pride and ownership of the place where they live.

More information

If you would like to find out more, we have further information for:

Parents and carers

Education and leisure activities

We offer 50 weeks of education a year in a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Building Skills and Horticultural Studies

We also have a variety of activities for young people to take part in. These activities are led by staff who have specific skills and experience in that area.    

We have 4 golden rules for the young people at our Secure Children’s Home.

These are:

  • treat others the way you would like to be treated 
  • try your best and learn by your mistakes 
  • respect other people’s property 
  • celebrate diversity 

Our vision is for all young people to have an ambitious and holistic curriculum, which inspires them to be their best self.

To do this we: 

  • encourage self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence
  •  work with young people to stop offending behaviour 
  • help young people to recognise their emotions to improve self-control and resilience 
  • promote anti-racist and anti-discriminatory attitudes  

We build positive relationships with young people and work with them to develop their care plan. 


At Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home, we have on-site education provision and a range of dining, activity and social areas.

The Secure Children’s Home has:

  • bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms (that young people can personalise)
  • colourful and carpeted living areas
  • educational and sporting facilities (gym, fitness centre, all weather playing field and tennis court)
  • grass and courtyard areas


Healthcare is important at Vinney Green. We follow these steps when a young person arrives at our home:

  • provide a medical examination within 1 to 2 hours of admission wherever possible
  • register young people at the local health centre where there is a doctor on call
  • focus on mental and emotional wellbeing using a multi-disciplinary team

People interested in working at Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home

There are often opportunities to join our team at Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home and these include roles in care, education, admin, facilities maintenance and healthcare.    
It is important that we find the right colleagues to work with our young people. We are keen to talk to people who are adaptable, caring, dynamic and resilient.  
We value having a diverse team of staff, which comes from all walks of life who can build strong relationships with our young people.  
“The job is tough but rewarding.  You feel like part of a family and it is nice to know your work makes a difference” – Member of staff at Vinney Green.

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