Tell us if you spot a problem with a bus stop or bus shelter in South Gloucestershire.

As the Highway Authority we are responsible for deciding the location of our area’s bus stops and bus shelters, taking into account considerations of road safety, bus operations and convenience for passengers.

It is also our responsibility to maintain and repair them. This includes making sure timetable information displays at stops are up to date and working properly.

However not all bus shelters are owned and maintained by us. Some shelters are the responsibility of parish and town councils, others might be privately owned.

How to report it

If you spot any exposed wiring, or if a post has been knocked over, you should call us as soon as possible on 01454 868000 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

To report a bus shelter that has graffiti, use our report a graffiti problem form.

To notify us of damage to a bus stop or bus shelter, or a missing or incorrect timetable, please tell us:

  • the exact location of the stop or shelter
  • a description of the problem
  • if possible the unique 8 digit identification number which is located on the bus shelter

This will help us to deal with your report as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the shelter is parish or town council owned, you should report the problem directly to them.

Use the contact details for us and for town and parish councils shown on this page.

What happens next

For bus stops and bus shelters we are responsible for, we will aim to: 

  • attend as soon as possible, and within 24 hours, if the problem could be dangerous  
  • repair the bus stop or bus shelter within 5 working days of it being reported

Fixing some electrical problems may take longer, particularly if there is a fault with the electricity supply. This is because underground cable faults can take time to locate and may need to be fixed by the power supplier.

If it is not our responsibility we will pass on the details to the bus shelter owner for them to deal with.

Bus shelters are provided and maintained by various organisations:

  • us
  • local town and parish councils
  • Clear Channel (mainly shelters that have advertising panels)
  • supermarkets
  • metrobus

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