Community transport provides safe, accessible transport for people who cannot use public transport due to disability, age or lack of availability.  

Register for community transport

Contact one of the operators below to register for community transport. Once it is agreed that you are eligible, you can make your booking.

At least 24 hours notice is needed to book a journey. Regular bookings can be made with some providers.   


Each service operates differently and covers different areas. Fares vary so contact the individual operator for details.  

Services provided


Dial-a-ride offers members pre-booked door to door transport on minibuses or in cars.

Trips and excursions

Some of the community transport schemes run trips and excursions throughout the year to places of interest within the area or further afield. 

Community car schemes

Community car schemes are an organised form of giving lifts. Volunteers use their own cars to provide door to door journeys for people without transport. Passengers are charged a rate per mile for each journey to cover driver costs. 

If you would like to be a volunteer driver for regular or occasional help, contact the operator directly. 

Accessible minibuses for hire by community groups

Community transport groups have accessible minibuses available for hire at low-cost to other local organisations for leisure trips, social events and education.  

Community transport operators

Services: Group hire, dial-a-ride, voluntary cars 

Phone: 01454 250500 


Website: Four Towns and Vale Link  

Green Community Travel

Services: Group hire, ring and ride and voluntary cars 

Phone: 01454 228706

Ring and ride: 0845 241 0985 


Website: Green Community Travel  

Hawkesbury Voluntary Transport

Phone: 01454 238 788

Bookings: 0797 206 5665 


Kingswood Community Transport

Services: Group hire and dial-a-ride 

Phone: 0117 9616016 


Website: Kingswood Community Transport 

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