An unauthorised site or encampment is where people set up home on land without the landowner’s permission. This can be on private or council land.

What we do

Council owned land

When a report of an encampment is received, we visit the site to assess it and its occupants.

We may ask the police to assist in its removal.

We will negotiate with the people in the encampment to ask them to leave. If the negotiation is not successful, we will seek a removal order from the court.

Private land

If the encampment is on private land, it is the landowner’s responsibility to remove it.

We can offer advice if requested.

How to report it

To report an unauthorised encampment contact us by:

Make sure you include:

  • where the encampment is (be specific about the location)
  • how many caravans are involved
  • what your enquiry or complaint is

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