Call 01454 868001 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or 01454 868009 (out of hours) to report a major environmental health incident, such as:

  • a serious accident at a place of work (for example, fatality, explosion, chemical release, fire)
  • an outbreak of an infectious disease
  • a large-scale, noisy event such as a rave (if the police have told you to inform us)
  • a major pollution incident (for example, oil spill)

Make sure you provide as much information as possible, including the exact location of the incident, contact name, number and address.

Pollution incidents

A substance is considered hazardous if it is harmful to humans or the environment. 

Contact us if pollution enters:

  • a water system
  • drains, ditches or rivers (also contact Environment Agency)
  • private land and is likely to affect the occupier’s health  
  • farming land (also contact the landowner and DEFRA)  

Visit GOV.UK for more information on reporting different kinds of environmental incidents.

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