A rest centre gives people a safe temporary place to stay.

During a major incident we may need to evacuate people from their home to a rest centre such as when there is:

  • a gas leak on your street
  • risk of severe flooding in your local area
  • a major police incident
  • if there is a risk from fire  

Opening a rest centre 

If we need to open a rest centre we will send a trained team of council volunteer staff, supported by the voluntary agencies, to run the centre. 

This team may also include members of the crisis support team and housing teams, depending on the immediate and future needs of the evacuees. 

What to expect in a rest centre 

The facilities in a rest centre will be basic. 

We will provide:

  • hot drinks
  • light snacks
  • toilet and washing facilities
  • seating  

If a rest centre must stay open overnight we will give people air beds and basic bedding. 

Support in rest centres 

Anyone who is suffering stress reactions as a result of personal trauma will be supported by trained staff to help them recover from the experience.

Staff will signpost people to other services who can help them after they leave the rest centre. 

Pets in rest centres 

Rest centre space for your pet will be very limited and basic.   

If you bring your pet to a rest centre you must bring their:  

  • food  
  • medications  
  • bedding  
  • pet cages or carriers  
  • litter trays and litter  

More information 

We have a guidance sheet on how you can prepare for an evacuation as well as a step by step guide on how you can prepare your pets for emergencies

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