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You can view and comment on planning applications online that have not been decided.

Before you start we strongly recommend that you read the information on this page and:

How to comment

To comment on an application using our Public Access website:

  • enter an application number or address to locate the application you are interested in
  • select the ‘Comment on the planning application’ link, which will open a form to complete
  • complete the form, making sure that you include your name and address (we need this information to notify you of the outcome in writing once a decision is reached)

We do not accept comments sent by email to individual officers, councillors or generic email boxes as this doesn’t form part of the formal response process.

What issues are considered

When considering a planning application, relevant issues will include:

  • development plan policies
  • government guidance
  • case law
  • residential amenity
  • design and layout
  • conservation matters
  • highway safety and traffic
  • landscape and trees
  • other relevant material considerations

Issues not considered relevant include:

  • matters covered by other laws e.g. alcohol licences
  • private property rights e.g. boundaries or access disputes.
  • the developer’s motive
  • possible future development
  • loss of view from your property/land
  • the effect on value of property

What happens to your comments

By law all comments made, together with personal details about a current planning application must be publicly available.

Comments will be published on our Public Access website whilst the application is considered. Comments made on new planning applications are usually available to view online within 5 working days.

All comments are taken into account during the decision process. We regret however that we are unable to respond to individual comments or discuss specific applications.

Following the decision of a planning application, in accordance with data protection legislation all neighbour comments made in relation to an application will be removed from our Public Access website.

For comments in relation to a householder application, in the event of an appeal against the refusal of planning permission, any representations made about the application will be sent to the Secretary of State. There may be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.


You should submit comments as soon as possible so that they can be taken into consideration as part of the normal determination process.

Comments should normally be made within 21 days* of the planning application being registered by the council.  They can however be made up until the point the decision is made by the council. Contact the case officer handling the application for further advice if you are considering whether to submit comments later than the 21 day period.

*When re-consultation takes place on a proposal, the timescale to respond is likely to be less than 21 days. In addition, the consultation period for some schemes may vary according to relevant regulations in place. Some proposals may fall under the prior notification and approval process, as well as permission in principle submissions. Details of the consultation period for each record will be published on our Public Access website.

Advantages of submitting comments online

You will receive instant email acknowledgement of your details when we receive a comment online through our Public Access website. Using this service will also ensure that your personal data (email and contact details) will automatically be removed from the information published. If you receive acknowledgement of a comment that you did not submit then contact us immediately so that we can investigate the authenticity of the communication received.

By submitting comments online it is more likely that the planning case officer will receive and be aware of your comments as they are inserted directly into the electronic planning application file.

By registering once, you won’t need to re-enter or repeat standard personal information if making further comments.

Other benefits and services available through the Public Access website can be found in the guide, how to use our searching and commenting service.

Offensive, racist and anonymous comments

Any statement which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, threatening, racist or in breach of any other rights will not be published. Any statement that is not relevant to an application or is submitted anonymously will also not be published.

Planning committees

Some applications may be referred to the planning committees. You can attend and speak at committee for or against an application – advice on speaking at a committee is available here.

Additional information

Not all documents may be available to view online for an application.  This is because documents can be received in many different formats and at different stages during the process.

We aim to publish details of applications received within 5 working days.

The website will be updated soon after a decision is made for an application. Details of the application will comply with GDPR and our retention policy.

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