South Gloucestershire has a strong network of groups taking action on the climate and nature emergency. To tackle this emergency however, we need everyone within our communities not only to get involved on a personal level, but also at a community level.

Free online training

Take our free online training course to find out about the climate and nature emergency and how you can take action. It should take around 45 minutes to complete.

South Gloucestershire climate and nature emergency community engagement group

We have started a climate and nature emergency community engagement group. This is run jointly with CVS South Gloucestershire (Community and Voluntary Services).

The group is open to everyone in South Gloucestershire and meets quarterly. You can sign up to our climate change mailing list to get group information. You can also email

Marshfield Sustainability tour group
Marshfield sustainability tour group

There are also local groups that you can get involved with directly.

The map below provides details of these existing climate and nature emergency community groups and how to contact them.

To get involved in practical work to restore nature and improve climate adaptation in local parks and open spaces find out more on our The Hive – South Gloucestershire Community Spaces Network webpage.


You can download and print out our A4 No Mow May posters:

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