Here are some examples of actions we are taking to try to reduce the local impacts of climate change and tackle biodiversity loss.

Restoring habitats

We are working to restore and improve dozens of areas of registered common land, ponds and rivers, natural grasslands and woodlands along the South Gloucestershire and East Bristol border.

Working with residents, volunteers, businesses and local schools, we are exploring how to enhance the links between these areas as well to create natural corridors for wildlife to travel safely between them.

Find out more about the common connections project.

Planting trees

Thousands of new trees are being planted on land we manage or maintain. For example, public open spaces, highway verges and green areas within residential developments, bringing benefits directly where people live.

Increasing tree canopy cover is an important part of our Climate and Nature Emergency Action Plan.

Find out more about our tree planting programme.

Increasing electric vehicle facilities

We are increasing the number of electric vehicle (EV) parking and charging points across South Gloucestershire.

Find out more about electric vehicle parking and charging in South Gloucestershire.

Converting to renewable energy

Our Badminton Road office has been assessed as meeting excellent environmental performance standards. It is heated with a biomass boiler and uses power generated by ground-mounted solar panels.

We are installing new technology in other buildings and schools including solar panels, biomass boilers, and ground and air source heat pumps.

We also fund low-cost loans to householders for renewable heating solutions and other home energy efficiency measures.

Find out more about our efforts to increase renewable energy use.

Energy from grass cuttings trial

We are trialling a new way to use grass cuttings to generate energy and reduce the council’s carbon footprint.

Find out more about the pilot project and where it is happening: Energy from grass cuttings

Improving flood resilience

We are improving drainage at road locations across South Gloucestershire to reduce the risk of weather-related flooding.

The locations involved have been identified as being particularly challenging. The costs are being met with funding secured from the government’s Local Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund.

We are working with partners to better manage flood risk on the Bristol Frome as well as improving biodiversity and connecting local communities to the river. The Frome runs for 20 miles through South Gloucestershire from Doddington Park to Bristol.

Find out more about the River Frome Reconnected project.

Further information

More projects are underway as part of our Greener Places green infrastructure strategy and action plan.

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