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Cancelling a subscription

You can cancel your garden waste subscription if you no longer require the service.

There is no refund if you cancel within the subscription period unless you are cancelling on behalf of someone who has died, where we will refund the remaining portion.

To cancel your subscription sign in to your online account or make an enquiry using the link in the contact box on this page.

If your subscription is set to auto-renew you will need to sign into your online account to cancel this to avoid your subscription automatically being extended and more payments being taken in the future.

To inform us that someone with a subscription has died, use the change of circumstances button below.

Transferring a subscription

If you are moving within South Gloucestershire, either:

  • sign in to your online account to transfer your subscription to your new address
  • or use the button below if you do not have an online account

It can take up to 10 working days for subscriptions to be transferred.

Change of circumstances for a garden waste subscription

Collection of unwanted green bins

You can keep your green bin for other uses, such as a water butt or storage for garden equipment and tools.

If you would like your green bin to be removed, make an enquiry using the link in the contact box on this page or call 01454 868000.

We can only remove empty bins.

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