Contact your water company if you have a problem with your drinking water.  The name of your supplier will be on your water bill. 

Generally this is Bristol Water but in the north of the area this may be Severn Trent Water.  

Polluted water 

If you think that drinking water in your home or food premises is polluted or that a food premises’ water is polluted, contact us by using the details on this page. If you need to call us out-of-hours, call 01454 868009

Change in colour, taste or smell to water 

Brown water 

If your water is a brown colour, it may be due to maintenance work on the main supply. To flush out any sediment try running the cold tap for several minutes.  

Milky white water 

If your water is a milky white colour, it is normally due to air trapped in the water supply after maintenance work. Leave a glass or jug of water to stand for a few minutes and the water should clear.  

More information

For more information on common changes to your water, visit your water supplies’ website.

For Bristol Water, find out more about problems with your water.

For Severn Trent Water, find out what to do if you water looks unusual.

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