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Parking information for people with disabilities who are using a Blue Badge parking permit.

Where you can park

Your Blue Badge does not mean you can park anywhere.

Always check local signs to see if there are any conditions that limit the usual concessions for Blue Badge holders.

You must use the Blue Badge properly. The guidance from the Department of Transport explains your responsibilities as a badge holder.

On street parking

With a valid Blue Badge on display in your vehicle, you can park for free at:

  • parking meters
  • pay and display parking
  • disabled parking bays, usually marked with a white box

You should use parking bays rather than parking on yellow lines.

If these options are not available, you can also park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours unless:

  • there is a ban on loading or unloading
  • there are other stopping restrictions in place such as at bus stops
  • you are causing an obstruction

You must display your Blue Badge showing the time you arrived.

You must leave at least a one hour interval before you park the same vehicle in the same road again.

Car parks

The Blue Badge scheme does not apply to car parks. There are usually other provisions for disabled drivers such as accessible parking bays.

Car parks are all different so check the signs before you park to see whether you must pay and how long you can park for.

Display your Blue Badge and your parking disc if you have one.

Disabled parking bays

A disabled parking bay is shown by a white outline on the road. These bays can be used by anyone with a blue badge.

You can apply for a disabled parking bay if:

  • you are a Blue Badge holder and your household has a car
  • you do not have off-street parking facilities
  • you are having difficulties parking near your house

Parking in the European Union

You can use your Blue Badge in some European countries.

You should check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to for the latest developments.

You can see the full list of countries using a Blue Badge in the European Union on GOV.UK.

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