An event organiser has a duty to plan, manage and monitor their event to make sure that workers and the visiting public are not exposed to health and safety risks. 

The South Gloucestershire Safety Advisory Group (SAG) help event organisers to independently organise safe and successful events.  

Our event safety guide 

We want to help event organisers make their events as safe as possible. Our event safety guide includes: 

  • what event organisers need to do 
  • who is responsible  
  • notice periods 
  • risk assessments 
  • accessibility  
  • useful contacts 
  • event safety checklist 

The guide covers community events, marches, sporting events and bonfire and firework displays. 

What you need to do

You need to:

We will then send your forms to SAG members who will review all documents.  

You may then be invited to attend a SAG meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet all members at one time and discuss any concerns.  

Legal requirements 

You must make sure that you comply with the legal requirements relating to events attended by the public. 

Large sports grounds are covered by comprehensive safety legislation but many public events are not covered by specific safety controls. 

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