We can put up road signs on request to direct visitors to a business, tourist, leisure or educational establishment.   

All signs must comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016

If you would like a sign put up on a motorway or trunk road you should contact National Highways on 0300 123 5000.

Why signage is limited

We limit signs as too many can be cluttered and confusing for road users and might affect important safety messages.  

Reducing sign clutter improves the streetscape, minimises the environmental impact and reduces maintenance costs. 

Our signage policy

We have a policy to assess businesses or attractions that may be eligible for direction signs.  Your business may be eligible if it: 

  • is open at least 4 hours a day for 150 days a year 
  • is outside a main town centre 
  • is a permanent establishment 
  • is open to the casual passing visitor 
  • has adequate parking facilities 

You must be prepared to pay for the full costs of any signs and their installation. 

Your application will be judged against a range of eligibility criteria as well as against road safety and traffic management factors. 

How to apply

All applicants should read our guidance before you apply.  

Apply online

To apply online you will need to: 

The £216.50 fee to cover administration cost is non-refundable whether your application is successful or not.  

Sign ownership and responsibilities

Any signs we install will be owned by us. 
If a sign is stolen or destroyed in a road traffic accident the applicant will be expected to pay the cost of subsequent repair or replacement, where costs cannot be reclaimed through insurance.  
We retain the right to amend, remove or reposition the signs and charge the applicant for any subsequent replacement. 

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