Carers, sometimes called family carers, are relatives, friends or neighbours who look after someone who cannot manage at home without them.

Carers do not necessarily live with the person they are looking after. Carers can be of any age, including young carers under the age of 18 looking after their parents or other family members.

We recognise the huge contribution made by carers and aim to ensure there is support and information available to assist people in their caring role by signposting them to a range of services and support organisations.

To access some services you will need to have an assessment to find out which would best meet your needs. There may be a charge for these services. Visit the your care and support needs pages for more information and to request help for your care and support needs.

Adult carers

For advice and information for adult carers visit our Find information for adults, children and families website.

Young carers

A young carer is a child or young person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care, assistance or support to any family member (of any age) who is disabled, physically or mentally ill, frail or elderly or is misusing alcohol or substances. Advice and information for young carers can be found on our young carers page.

Advocacy for carers

An advocate is someone who will speak on a person’s behalf and help them, as necessary, with such things as understanding documents, forms, meetings and decision making. An advocate can be a friend, relative, or professional advisor. There are professional advocacy services available. Information for carers accessing advocacy services can be found on our advocacy support page.

Training courses for carers

The Carers Support Centre run a range of courses for carers. All courses and workshops for carers are free. Whether caring is a new part of your life or you have been caring for a long time, training can help you develop skills and confidence to support you in your caring role. For further information and booking visit the Carers Support Centre website or call 0117 958 9988.

Support for carers

Information on support services available for carers can be found on our support for carers page.

The Care Act

You can find advice and guidance on the Care Act 2014 and how it affects you on our Find information for adults, children and families website.

Carers Strategy 2017-20

Our Carers Strategy 2017-20 is a framework for service delivery and commissioning, setting out priorities for the three year period. It includes how we identify, support and enable carers of all ages to balance their caring responsibilities with a life outside caring, and to stay healthy and fulfil their potential.

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