Junction improvements

We have investigated options to improve the layout of five junctions on the A4174 Ring Road between the Lyde Green (Bristol Bath Science Park) and Kingsfield (Longwell Green) roundabouts.

This is part of a wider package of improvements to ring road junctions proposed in the draft Joint Local Transport Plan 4 (2020 – 2036) for the West of England.

The junctions include:

  • Lyde Green Roundabout (by Bristol Bath Science Park)
  • The Rosary Roundabout (by Emersons Green retail centre)
  • Siston Hill Roundabout (access to and from Mangotsfield and Staple Hill)
  • Deanery Road Roundabout (access to and from Kingswood and Warmley)
  • Kingsfield Roundabout (access to and from Longwell Green retail park and Hanham)

The objectives of this scheme are to:

  • reduce carbon emissions through relieving delays and congestion on the A4174 corridor between the Lyde Green and Kingsfield roundabouts
  • minimise the impact of traffic or infrastructure to the natural environment and, where possible, improve the environment
  • improve access to businesses along the ring road, including the Bristol Bath Science Park, to help create opportunities
  • protect and enhance access for non-car users
  • improve traffic safety
  • improve road network resilience and journey time

We are proposing a series of through-abouts as part of the scheme (for the Siston Hill, Deanery Road and Kingsfield junctions).

A through-about is a roundabout which has been converted into a signal-controlled junction with lanes of traffic running through the middle of it. It is also sometimes known as a ‘hamburger roundabout’.

The aim of a through-about is to help improve the flow of traffic, especially in areas where the majority of traffic is travelling straight ahead at the junction.

We carried out a 12-week public consultation between May and August 2021 on the proposals.

Following the consultation, a decision was made not to submit a bid for funding to government. Instead, the situation will be reviewed later in 2022 following further work and assessment.

The feedback received identified a number of issues and concerns from local people, which we hope to address in the coming months. This included the impact of construction work and roadworks.

We also want to reassure the community of the benefits of the A4174 Junction Improvements before taking any further steps. Therefore, we will monitor and evaluate the recently opened Wraxall Road through-about to help inform the wider A4174 improvement scheme.

Visit our consultation website for the full proposals and feedback report A4174 Junction Improvement Scheme – South Gloucestershire Online Consultations.

Wraxall Road through-about

South Gloucestershire’s first through-about opened on the A4174 Avon Ring Road in October 2021.

The £6.9 million project to convert the Wraxall Road roundabout into a fully signal-controlled through-about will reduce congestion and increase traffic flow at the busy junction.

The scheme also aims to reduce the number of collisions at the roundabout and improve safety for all road users, improve air quality at this location and reduce congestion on approaches to the roundabout.

Changes at the junction included converting the existing roundabout into a fully signal controlled through-about.

It also included:

  • widening all approaches to the roundabout to three lanes of traffic
  • installing new traffic signals on the approaches and in the through about
  • creating three lanes of traffic in each direction through the roundabout
  • removing some vegetation on verges to facilitate the extra lanes

You can watch videos of:

For more information read our news release.

The completed Wraxall Road through-about overhead picture taken by a drone with cars using the new through-about

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