Welcome to the South Gloucestershire Population Health Intelligence Portal (PHIP); the new home of our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

The aim of this Portal is to provide a one-stop shop for data and intelligence on the population of South Gloucestershire, enabling anyone working in health, social care, education or other public services to make evidence-informed decisions about service delivery, strategy and commissioning.

It aims to achieve this by hosting and maintaining various dashboards with high-level information that is refreshed and reviewed on a regular basis, while also serving as a gateway through which users can access more detailed information and resources, such as in-depth needs assessment and reports.

The Population Health Intelligence Portal should also serve as a resource for voluntary and community sectors to ensure that community needs are represented, for service providers to direct and enhance their services, and importantly, for the public to scrutinise local health and wellbeing information and services.

The first stage in developing this portal has been to release the Our Population Dashboard and Mapping Tool, which we hope you will find useful. Future plans include the development of further dashboards and the ongoing incorporation of resources and information as they are developed and become available.

The launch of this resource and the tools it contains represents an important step for South Gloucestershire Council, its partners and our ongoing work to utilise intelligence and insights to meet the needs of our population, we hope you find it valuable.

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