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Preferred school not offered

If you have not been offered your preferred school(s), you can either:

  • accept the offer you have been given
  • remain on a waiting list for any vacancies which may occur at your preferred school(s) until end December 2020
  • change your preference(s) or indicate a change of circumstances
  • appeal for your preferred school(s)

Accepting the offered place

If you applied online, you should visit the admissions portal and update your application to accept either:

  • your highest rank preference, if you have been offered it
  • a lower rank preference or alternative offer if you were refused a place at your highest rank preference

You can reset your password for the online admissions portal if you have forgotten it.

If you did not apply online or are unable to access the online portal, you should complete the online response form instead.

We will inform the head teacher of the offered South Gloucestershire school or the relevant local authority on your behalf. The offered school will contact you during the summer about your child’s admission to the school. Any questions you may have about school uniform, the school day or school clubs should be discussed with the school.

Not accepting the offered place

If you have been refused a place at a school, you can either:

  • ask for your child to remain on a waiting list for a place at your preferred school(s)
  • change your preference to be considered in the second round of admissions by emailing the admissions and transport team
  • appeal for a place

Ask for your child to remain on a waiting list for a place at your preferred school(s)

You can ask to remain on a waiting list for any vacancies which may occur at your preferred school(s) until end December 2020 (we will inform the appropriate admissions authority on your behalf). To do this either visit the admissions portal and update your application or complete the online response form. You may also contact the admissions and transport team by email.

If a place can be offered at a higher ranked preference school, the place at the current offered school will be withdrawn. We will not contact you to check which school you would like. By asking to go on a waiting list for a particular school you are indicating you would prefer this school to the school offered. You must let us know if you decided at a later date to accept the offered school and be removed from any waiting lists,

A waiting list is created when a school is over subscribed and applications for places are refused. Any vacancies that occur before the end of December 2020 will be added to this list.

All places that become available within the school’s admission level will be allocated according to the relevant local authority’s admission criteria. This is the same criteria used to fill school places when places are first allocated for the academic year 2020-21. All outstanding applications will be considered in this way, including those received after the closing date of 15 January 2020.

For South Gloucestershire community and voluntary controlled schools, we will write to all parents whose children are on waiting list(s) near the end of term 2. This is to find out whether they still want their children to be considered for places. Any previously held waiting lists will be discarded. Own admission authority schools (academies and voluntary aided) are responsible for maintaining their own waiting lists. Priority order on the waiting list will be determined by the oversubscription criteria, not by the date of joining the list.

Change of preference or change of circumstances

If you do not want to accept the place offered, you can apply for a different school, even without having indicated a preference for it earlier.

To do this email the admissions and transport team with:

  • your child’s name
  • your child’s date of birth
  • home address
  • parent or carers name
  • contact telephone number

If you are changing your preferences, it is important to indicate clearly your new order of preference, that is 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your email. This ensures that your application is considered for your highest preference school possible, depending on the availability of places.

If you ask to be considered for other schools, the place offered for your child will be held for you. The place would only be withdrawn if either:

  • you were offered a place at a higher preference school
  • you have moved to a completely different area and a nearer alternative school could be offered
  • you have informed the relevant local authority that you had made another arrangement

If you are offered a place at a second or third preference school, you can still ask to be considered for any places which may become available at your higher ranked preference school.

If you have any further questions, contact the admissions and transport team by emai at or phone 01454 868008.

Appeal for a place

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are monitoring government guidance for managing admission appeals. It is likely that alternative arrangements will be made in order to hold admission appeal hearings. We will add further details once they are available.

For further information on appealing for a place, visit our school appeals page.

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