Guidance on attending events

During the Covid-19 pandemic, holding, attending or celebrating events might not be possible or need careful thought and planning.

We want you to be able to enjoy yourselves but staying safe and protecting everyone is our priority.

February half term

This February half term is slightly different to usual, but there are plenty of ways you can have fun while staying safe and following Covid-19 rules.
Here are some ideas of activities you can do from home:

  • practise baking cakes or biscuits
  • have a movie marathon
  • learn a new dance routine
  • exercise from home (an example is Body Coach TV on Youtube)
  • play board games
  • paint or draw a picture
  • have an afternoon tea
  • practise telling or writing stories
  • play with toys
  • DIY science project (an example from the BBC CBeebies website)
  • leaf rubbing
  • pebble painting
  • fashion shows
  • send a letter or postcard to a family member who doesn’t live with you

And here’s some activities you can do outside:

  • go for a walk – remember to wrap up warm/bring an umbrella!
  • go on a bike ride
  • spot farm animals/animal footprints while on a walk
  • get up early and go on a sunrise walk as a family
  • practise skipping or hula hooping
  • splash in puddles while wearing wellies

February half term: teenagers and young people

We know many teenagers and young people want to be out with their friends during half term, but Covid-19 restrictions prevent hanging out in groups.
The law states you can meet one other person not from your household for exercise. Young people can enjoy a walk or bike ride with one other friend. They must stick to social distancing rules at all times.

If under 18s are found to be breaching Covid-19 rules, the police can fine parents on behalf of them.

We want to keep South Gloucestershire safe and healthy, so keep an eye on your teenagers this half term to stop the spread and avoid a potential fine.

Here are some activities you can do with young people:

  • learn to cook a new meal – this is a great life skill
  • watch a favourite film together
  • do a home workout to boost endorphins and stay fit
  • follow along with a yoga routine on YouTube
  • play video games
  • plant some seeds and prepare for plants to grow
  • make a homemade pizza
  • learn a new language – perfect for when travel is allowed again
  • make a scrapbook of memories and old photos
  • host a family quiz night
  • cooking or baking with friends via FaceTime
  • play the Among Us game with friends
  • upcycle furniture and photo frames
  • help with DIY
  • complete a ‘Come Dine With Me’ challenge with family members
  • record a home podcast


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