When we can help

We can help if you have long term needs due to an illness or disability, are over 18 years old and have difficulty with: 

  • getting in, out and moving around your home 
  • washing and using the toilet  
  • domestic activities such as cooking and eating 
  • getting in and out of bed or a chair
  • daily tasks that electronic devices could help to make easier
  • existing equipment that needs repairing or replacing 

When we cannot help

Contact your GP if you: 

  • receive existing care funded by Continuing Health Care (request a referral to the Sirona Community Rehabilitation team) 
  • have recently been discharged from hospital or have a short-term illness that you expect will improve (request a referral to the Sirona Community Rehabilitation team)
  • have vulnerable skin, swollen or ulcerated legs (request a referral to the Sirona Community Nurses)
  • require an assessment for a wheelchair, or you have a wheelchair which is no longer meeting your needs (request a referral tothe NHS Bristol Centre For Enablement – Wheelchair Services)
  • need a mobility assessment for a walking aid or you are concerned about your risk of falls inside or outside your home (request a referral to a Falls Clinic or a mobility assessment from the Sirona Community Physiotherapy team) 
  • have difficulty sleeping in your bed due to a medical condition which affects your breathing or swallowing, or causes chronic pain (request a referral to the Sirona Community Nurses) 
  • have difficulties managing your prescribed medication (request a referral to the Sirona Community Nurses) 

If you need adaptations to your home, visit our Find information for adults, children and families website for advice and guidance on adaptations and buying your own equipment.

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