To enable us to continue responding to your applications and enquiries during this period of uncertainty, we have made some changes to our admissions process.

Admissions to school in 2020-21 (normal round admissions)

We will continue to offer places as part of the normal round of school admissions. This means that places will be offered for:

  • children entering reception (primary and infant schools) for 2020-21
  • children transferring from primary to secondary schools (those entering year 7 for 2020-21)
  • children who wish to attend studio schools and university technical colleges in year 10 for 2020-21

We will send all decisions electronically wherever possible. If necessary, you will be contacted by telephone in order to receive the outcome of your application. In the event that you do not receive the outcome of your on time reception application by 17 April 2020, contact the admissions and transport team by email at or phone 01454 868008. You may be asked some security questions in order to help us establish we are talking to the applicant.

To make a late reception or secondary application, contact the admissions and transport team by email at or phone 01454 868008.

Responding to your application for admission to infant or primary school in 2020-21

There have been some changes to how you can respond to your offer of a school place for reception intake September 2020. For details visit our Infant and primary school place offers for the academic year 2020-21 page.

If you made a paper application and have not yet received the outcome by 17 April 2020, contact the admissions and transport team by email at or phone 01454 868008.

In-year admissions in the current academic year (2019-20)

Although restrictions have not been set by central government on applications for in-year admissions, we strongly advise parents and carers to carefully consider whether to apply to transfer schools and delay this if at all possible during this time. This reflects that many schools are closed or partially open, and that your child’s existing school is best placed to continue providing you with access to appropriate online education resources for your child’s needs. Since this is done remotely, it is most likely there will be no impact on provision if you move home. We understand however that the needs and circumstances of individual families differ significantly. For families of children therefore deemed vulnerable and for children of critical workers, contact the admissions and transport team by email at or phone 01454 868008 without delay.

If you are unable to avoid or delay submitting an in-year application at this time, we will process applications in date order and set and revise start dates to coincide with a future announcement by government about plans for schools to re-open. For example, in-year offers will be set for the summer half term initially, and then for the beginning of term in September as necessary. If schools reopen between then, we will advise parents about how to make contact with schools.

Note that during this emergency period, in-year primary school places offered will not be withdrawn if they are not taken up within four school weeks (as is normally the case). In the case of vulnerable and key worker children, an offer of a place will be made to attend the new school and arrangements will be made for children to physically attend as soon as possible.

In-year applications can be made by completing the in-year application form and emailing it to the admissions and transport team at

Make sure you also include in your email:

  • the child’s name
  • the child’s date of birth
  • home address
  • parent/carers name
  • a contact telephone number

Do not send applications or documents to us by post at this time as we have very limited access to postal services

If you have any queries about this or your circumstances, contact the admissions and transport team by email at or phone 01454 868008.

Admission for children with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)

For more information on children with Education Health Care Plans, see our Find Information for adults, children and families website.

Post 16 transport and concessionary application forms for 2020-21

Application forms for Post 16 travel and concessionary seats are not normally available until later during the summer term. We will review the availability of the application form as our response to the pandemic develops.

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