Community surge testing in specified postcode areas of Bradley Stoke, Patchway and Little Stoke
Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice

Online services such as apply, pay and report forms will not be available on Saturday, 6 March from 6am to 4pm

Rapid tests (also known as lateral flow tests) are for people who are 16 years or older without coronavirus symptoms.

You can book a test if you:

  • are a critical worker that cannot work from home
  • live or work in Bradley Stoke, Kingswood or Yate
  • have a child at a South Gloucestershire secondary school or college

They are taking place at:

  • Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre – 7 days a week
  • Kingswood Leisure Centre – every day except for Tuesday and Thursday
  • Yate Parish Hall – 7 days a week

The rapid testing does not replace the Government’s testing programme for those with symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should book a test on GOV.UK or call 119.

What is a rapid test?

Rapid tests turn around results quickly (approximately 30 minutes) without the need for a laboratory. The test can identify people who have coronavirus that are not showing any symptoms (known as asymptomatic). These people can then self-isolate to help stop the spread of the virus.

Book a rapid test

The Kingswood Leisure Centre testing facility is upstairs. Please go to the registration desk when you arrive if you are unable to use the stairs. You will then be shown the lift or be offered a test downstairs.

To book a test we will need your:

  • name
  • email address
  • mobile phone number

You must wear a face covering at the test site unless you are exempt. You will need a smartphone to show your booking and register on NHS Test and Trace (there will be a device available if you do not have one).

Book a rapid test

Someone else can book a rapid test online for you. You will need to be able to show you have a booking, this can be a printed confirmation.

You can read our privacy notice to find out what happens to your personal information. You can also read the accessibility statement for the booking website.

What happens at a rapid test?

The following video shows what happens at a rapid test. There is no sound but a text version is below.

At the rapid test site:

  1. you will be asked to register on NHS Test and Trace using your smartphone
  2. the test assistant will explain the process of the test to you, give you the kit and direct you to a booth to carry out the test
  3. you will lightly blow your nose, sanitise your hands, then take the swab out of the packaging – without touching the fabric end
  4. use the mirror provided and swab your tonsils or tonsil site – sweeping up and down three times, then insert the same swab into your nostril as far as it will comfortably go and rotate the swab around your nostril
  5. raise your other hand when you have finished and the test assistant will ask you to put the swab in the test tube and your sample will be processed

You will get your results by email approximately 30 minutes after you take the test. This can take longer when busy.

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