In March, local councils were tasked with issuing £150 rebate to qualifying households, as part of the support the government announced to help people with rising energy costs.

Progress update

Households in bands A to D

Most households in council tax bands A to D are eligible for a £150 rebate – except second homes and properties registered as empty.

Visit GOV.UK to check your council tax band.

In South Gloucestershire, we have completed payments for qualifying households in bands A to D. They have been made either by bank transfer or as a credit payment on your council tax bill.

The first payments were issued in April 2022. They appear on your bank statement as ‘Southglos-general’.

If you have received the rebate as a credit payment this will show under ‘reason for bill’ on your latest council tax bill as ‘energy payment’.

Other eligible households

An additional discretionary scheme provides the £150 rebate to the following:

  • people who get council tax reduction in bands E to H
  • people who get Disabled Band Reduction (DBR) in bands E to G
  • foster carers in bands E to H
  • care homes in bands E to H
  • carers in bands E to H
  • people who have severe mental impairment in bands E to H
  • households in bands E to H where there is an existing disregard as a member of the household is receiving long term care in hospital or care home
  • students in bands E to H
  • households in bands E to H where everyone living there is under 18 years of age
  • night shelters or hostels in bands E to H
  • households where everyone living there over 18 years old is on a government recognised apprenticeship scheme

Note: If you are in receipt of full council tax reduction and therefore do not pay council tax you are still eligible to get the £150 government rebate, as long as you meet one of the above criteria.

We have completed most payments for people we know are eligible under the discretionary scheme. Only those who have recently provided their bank details may still be awaiting payment and we are processing these as quickly as we can.

If you are eligible but haven’t provided your bank details to us, the deadline to get the rebate paid into your bank account has now passed. Instead, you will receive your £150 rebate as a credit on your council tax account.

If you believe you are eligible for the rebate and you have not received it or had a letter from us, visit one of our One Stop Shops or call us on 01454 868003.

If you are struggling to pay

If you are struggling to pay your council tax, contact us as soon as possible to discuss what help you may be able to get.

There are details of the grants, benefits and other help available on our Financial support for residents webpage.

There are also other local and national grants available to help with the cost of living, the organisation Warm and Well can help you find out what you might be eligible for. We work with them to offer householders energy efficiency advice and support.

You must continue to pay your council tax, for the amount (and by the dates) shown on your bill.

Donating your rebate

If you would like to donate your rebate, you could choose to donate it to Severn Wye Energy. They are a charity focused on relieving fuel poverty and promoting renewable energy.

With our support, they provide free independent energy advice and grants to make changes which help reduce energy consumption.

You can donate on the Severn Wye website. Please make sure you include a message when you donate to say this is for South Gloucestershire, so your donation can be reinvested into our area.

More information

Visit GOV.UK to read the cost of living support factsheet. This includes the other government support available, including the latest on the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

This page was updated on: 25 November 2022

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